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About establishment of JSEV


 Presence of nucleic acid substance circulating inside body fluid was in fact reported by Mandel and Métais in 1948 before double helical structure of DNA. After nearly 70 years has passed to date, we are attempting to develop new biomarker to discover diseases such as cancer with micro RNA that is a part of nucleic acid in body fluid. In the first place, it has recognized that messengers such as micro DNA in body fluid are conveyed by exosome that represents extracellular vesicle (EV) whose diameter is only 100 nanometer in recent years and they are well known to be playing an important roll in higher cerebral function and physiological function in addition to disease such as cancer. Furthermore, it was proved that messenger medium, exosome even circulates in blood. This means secretory microrna provides various new findings in understanding of mechanism of disease and diagnosis areas beyond our imaginations. Cancer cell, for example, they don’t exist alone but grow interacting with various cells and matrix around them as a group. For cancer cells to adapt to this environment, it is recognized that besides direct interaction between cells and emission of protein by paracrine, specific functional molecule included in exosome microenvironmental.





JSEV Takahiro Ochiya

    Hidetoshi Tahara

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