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About JARI

The Japanese Association for RNA interference (JARI) was established in 2008 aiming to facilitate business-academia collaboration and become a communication hub to develop RNAi studies in Japan rapidly. Our goals involve not only conducting academic researches for researchers, but also providing opportunities to exchange research information to become a central hub for practical use of nucleic acid medicine and diagnosis through communication among academics, business, and the government. It is also anticipated that without regard to RNAi new research area will be generated through communication with those in different research area, and research activities that can benefit people will be conducted through those research exchanges and collaborative researches. For example, in discovery of “nucleic acid medicine“, communication among academic, business, and government is necessary to over come existing problems. However, viability of this will be increased with collaboration of our members and companies. Those joint researches are anticipated to raise the level of development of nucleic acid medicine. This case is only an example; specific research area is not our only focus. We have seen various cultural exchanges such as attempt of biomedical scientists and optical instrument manufacturers’ attempt to develop devices that researchers wish, attempt to develop inevitable new synthesis method of nucleic acid in collaboration with experts of organic synthesis, collaboration with cancer researchers, etc… We promise to accelerate active research exchanges and provide information.


President JARI, Hidetoshi TAHARA

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